Friday, February 8, 2013

NYX Sunset Ray & Yellow Funk Single Eyeshadow

NYX YELLOW FUNK (Matte): light bright yellow matte, has a silky smooth texture which I really liked but it is fading quickly, weak pigmented but with eyeshadow primer its work well.
I liked the color, but I did not like the difficulty of dealing with it.

Right now, I use it over other eye shadow to give the light yellow touch I am going to post about it later.

NYX SUNSET RAY: Love this shade of orange, neutral orange with lovely shimmer finish. It has smooth and dense texture with good pigmentation and easy application. Sunset Ray is gorgeous, probably one of my favorite orange shadows right now, I was searching for golden orange but all I found is that one…I Like it <3>

On the Top (YELLOW FUNK /SUNSET RAY look amazing ) With primer 
Bottom  ( without primer )


  1. I never use vibrant yellow eye shadow.. but both of them looks so pretty.. you can create sunset eye make up >.<

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    1. Yes , sunset makeup look . great idea to the next post