Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nouba Blush on bubble Warm love

Nouba Blush on bubble 120

Nouba Blush on bubble 120 without flash / With flash
How it looks on my hand
I am in love those days with the warm tone blush, NoBA Blushon Bubble 120, Italy brands. 
What you think? Isn’t it so lovely? 

About the blush: 
This Blush is warm tone great for autumn and winter giving a warm velvet soft touch. Shade is magnificent, plum with light brown midtone with shimmery touch , easy to apply and easy to blend. Great for medium skin tone and long stay not to crumble easily.

About the packaging:
Soft touch packaging I love it like velvet but getting dusty easily with powder or the blush itself but thanks god that's won’t affect the blush quality :)

Great add to my blush collection, it’s great for creating natural look or dramatic look 
I love it. 

How you like it ? what about warm tone blush for this winter ?

Friday, September 28, 2012

NARS Red Indian Lip Stain /gloss

 Moon fleet /Red Indian

Red Indian alone
Red Indian with Moon Flee  

I have a crazy passion about red shade ... this double lip gloss which I forget about totally I have it since one year ... I found it yesterday. How could I forget about it any way, it still in great condition and I am still able to use it. 
Red Indian bringing the passion again, Very deep warm red (lip stain) with Moon fleet gloss shimmery gold. 
How I use it : 

1- Apply the touch of lip stain direct on my lip then moon fleet 

2- Apply the lip stain over lip base +red lip-pencil match the lip stain shade then use a tissue to absorb the extra then moon fleet. 
I love it ... its make me feel so sexy and ready to party... 
And yes no cracked lips and I am so happy 

Hope you like it 

What you think of this sexy red ? Have you try it before  ?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Beauty and Fashion on a College Budget: My First Giveaway!!

 Its  College makeup budget First Giveaway Open international
Beauty and Fashion on a College Budget: My First Giveaway!!: I said about 25 followers ago I would hold a give away, and have yet to do one. So for my lovely followers I'm holding a nail polish/stamp...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nude lips - smokey eyes

This black earrings  made me did this makeup ...
Nude lipstick and smokey eyes is all i want to wear for evening  yesterday ...
Hope you love this look

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Silver smokey Look tutorial

It’s a simple Smokey eye look that I love to share with you how I do it. I usually wear the Smokey look like this style with change in color shade and trying to avoid the glittery, shimmery texture at day. Feel it would be helpful for those who have small Japanese eyes like me. 
I make it simple as I can.  And now let you with the tutorial hoping you will like it.

What i have used :
  • Chanel Perfection Lumiere tent fluid long wear foundation 
  • Clarins Joli Rouge 705
  • Davis -Eyes 01 Double colour - 
  • Essence Smokey Eyes set 
  • Prestige  color kit FCE 33 Smokey 
  • Charmel Paris compact powder 
  • Loreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara
  • Urban decay eye potion
  • Body shop warm sun blusher 

The makeup steps:

Applied Chanel foundation on clean moisturized face , then it’s coming to face contouring steps which I am following Kim Kardashian trick .then the face powder  and put some loose powder under the my eyes to avoid the messy of falling eye shadow when apply on eyelid .
Then I shaped my eyebrow using essence Smokey set.

Apply urban decay on my eyes and blend it with finger tips.
Use the black eye pencil on the upper and lower eyelid as shown. 
Apply the highlighter under the eyebrow and gray over the eye pencil from the inner corner of the eye to the lower lid but not in the inner eye corner

Use the black eye shadow from the prestige kit and blend it on the outer V corner of the eyes as shown and keep blending till make it perfect 
On the inner V corner use the light silver shadow
Black eye pencil inside the eyes gives sexy look. 
Remove the loose powder  
Apply the blush, lip stick and   Mascara 
Now you are done.

Now for the final look 

Hope you like the tutorial
Have a lovely day