Friday, September 28, 2012

NARS Red Indian Lip Stain /gloss

 Moon fleet /Red Indian

Red Indian alone
Red Indian with Moon Flee  

I have a crazy passion about red shade ... this double lip gloss which I forget about totally I have it since one year ... I found it yesterday. How could I forget about it any way, it still in great condition and I am still able to use it. 
Red Indian bringing the passion again, Very deep warm red (lip stain) with Moon fleet gloss shimmery gold. 
How I use it : 

1- Apply the touch of lip stain direct on my lip then moon fleet 

2- Apply the lip stain over lip base +red lip-pencil match the lip stain shade then use a tissue to absorb the extra then moon fleet. 
I love it ... its make me feel so sexy and ready to party... 
And yes no cracked lips and I am so happy 

Hope you like it 

What you think of this sexy red ? Have you try it before  ?