Saturday, March 24, 2012

March Madness Giveaway@ Xoxovalentinekissesxoxo

Join March Madness Giveaway@ Xoxovalentinekissesxoxo blog 
Giveaway ends March 31, 2012

The Trace Facephiles Giveaway prize

I finally received My prize from The Trace Facephiles
And thats what i did with the small two mini nail Polishes
Hope you like it , its not perfect but its a great achieve for the first time 
Have a great day

Pinky smokey

I think about pink ... pink is just a sexy colour  in smokey look 
Thats why i did this look sharing makeup passion with you all 
Leave you Dear beauty lover with the look ... 

What i use for this look 
- N 7 Lift and Luminate Foundation
- Mahnif'Eyes Mascara Rimmel
- Ben Nye Colour Lu-16 Azalea
- Ben Nye Black Charcoal eyechadow
- Karaja  (compact pastel eye shadow with sparkle) No 10
- Palladio white eyepencil
- Lancome Black eyepencil
- Essence Quattro eyeshadow
- She Cotton Candy L21 

 Have a great day

Simple Voilet lip simple eye makeup

I just love to make it simple for night out .... 
just make the all attention to the lips,  the lip stick ..
and simple light touch of smokey great on the eyes 

Wish you a great day

I won real techniques brushes from Beautysauce Blog

I have redcieved my prize from Beautysauce Blog who was so kind to give a chance to win a  real techniques brushes .Starter set .
The set is great and the case can be a stand . the brushes are so soft and fine
I love them .

And now for the details
Brow brush so soft to use on my brows as i always really making them shaped well with my eyebrow special brushe that  have the same shape but harder  a little . But i used it to apply eyesahadow the sharp arabic makeup that need to define the eye shape so much 

Pixel Point Eyeliner brush Used for eye lining
Accent brush small brush that  for all time well I have a small lid area and love smokey look ,it does the job.   detailed work  ,highlighting the corner  and smudging the eyeliner pencil with eyeshadow .  I  <3 it 
Base Shadow Brush: fluffy brush that applies a eyeshadow color onto the eyes this is useful in applying dark colors softly great with smokey look .  It pretty  great blending brush .

Deluxe Crease brush  firmly  round brush and too big This is more for blending the crease area or applying color all over the eyes. its really so perfect for me specially for well blending smokey look .

Hope you like it and waiting for new makeup by this set .

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Overall Beauty Giveaway Prize

this my prize  from Pinkdandychatter my choice of 6 eyeshadows  from Overallbeauty products
with cute makeup bag ,two eyeshadow brush  and one foundation sponge ...
I took a photo of the eyeshadow to show you how glittery and lovely they are
in coming new looks with this eyeshadow

have a great day all
 and thanks again

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Khatsii's 1.5 Yr Anni / Xmas / Thank You Giveaway Prize

So cute

What can i say .... look at my prize from  Khatsii Blog's  a box full of new beauty products waiting me to try ..... I love the lip glosses and every thing ...
 Thanks again  Khatsii 
I  will post a makeup look using this box soon

Monday, March 12, 2012

Saturday, March 3, 2012

I won Coconut Peach Foaming Sugar Scrub

I was so lucky to won Full Size Coconut Peach Foaming Sugar Scrub giveaway that Sav Grace blog hosted. it smells great  coconut and peach . I ts amazing how  the scrub left my skin so soft and moisturized . and the pacaking look so cute with all glitters. 
I really love it ..

Thanks again Sav Grace