Wednesday, January 30, 2013


  My latest purchase from LASENZE I love their panties, cotton with great wide ranges to choose from. I picked Black , green , pink , printed  and white with black leopard printed  with 2 push up bra  from Bhs which I got it from offer two with price of one .

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My earrings from Thailand

From Thailand I got these earrings, I was dreaming about this earrings for a long time and finally I got them, aren't they look so gorgeous and unique?

 I love dragon the most

 Its only wearing for one side and painful for long wearing on the ear cuff part but I really love the colour and shape , I was waiting for ear cuff but never received them , maybe they lost during the shipment m I am not sure about that .

Have a great day all!

RedStar My New Brushes Foundation and Powder

RedStar  Makeup Brushes : 
The brushes hair is artificial not that soft like my old brushed and real techniques brushes that I have but it’s good comparing with it price. I used them to do makeup for my sisters and friends , I am not using my own foundation and powder brushes as I have a sensitive skin with psoriasis and I don’t need to have irritated face and itchy . It’s really painful!

Powder Brush

The powder brush  is good and go the job , I use it for ,face  compact powder , highlight and blush .

Foundation Brush

 But the foundation brush ,first I am not a big fan of using foundation brush , maybe cause I didn't find a  perfect foundation brush till now but I love to apply foundation n using sponge , its gives a great full over using taping techniques . RedStar Foundation brush I don't like it its seem that it's absorbing the foundation giving a light touch of it on face  , so I decided to use it for contouring only using blush or face form powder set . 

Generally I like them both for contouring, highlighting and face powder only and still searching for perfect foundation brush.

Any one tries this brand?
Wish you a great day all

Jumelle at Colour Planner 8Colours

It’s a gift  from my a friend , she knows that nothing could cheer me up like a new makeup product to try .(Jumelle at ) I never heard about this brand before ,Jumelle at Colour Planner 8Colours different goes well together  coming with two themes Green and Orange bronze  it’s made in France . 
Now let’s talk about the eyeshadow, they have great texture soft, lovely shimmery and good intense pigmentation.

Look great on my hand clear and perfect texture to have glow shimmery look , I like it specially the orange bronze eyesahdows look perfect for summer and bronzy look vibrant and hot . Well I will do a look for the Valentine Day's using this palette, so stay tuned...

Have you ever heard about this brand or try it before?