Tuesday, January 29, 2013

RedStar My New Brushes Foundation and Powder

RedStar  Makeup Brushes : 
The brushes hair is artificial not that soft like my old brushed and real techniques brushes that I have but it’s good comparing with it price. I used them to do makeup for my sisters and friends , I am not using my own foundation and powder brushes as I have a sensitive skin with psoriasis and I don’t need to have irritated face and itchy . It’s really painful!

Powder Brush

The powder brush  is good and go the job , I use it for ,face  compact powder , highlight and blush .

Foundation Brush

 But the foundation brush ,first I am not a big fan of using foundation brush , maybe cause I didn't find a  perfect foundation brush till now but I love to apply foundation n using sponge , its gives a great full over using taping techniques . RedStar Foundation brush I don't like it its seem that it's absorbing the foundation giving a light touch of it on face  , so I decided to use it for contouring only using blush or face form powder set . 

Generally I like them both for contouring, highlighting and face powder only and still searching for perfect foundation brush.

Any one tries this brand?
Wish you a great day all

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