Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I am wearing Dark Rosewood

From Catrice I am bringing a gorgeous lipstick called ((Dark Rosewood –Absolute moisture )) I am rejoicing that I was able to try this lipstick. in fact I found what I was looking for a lipstick that I can wear without being afraid of cracks and drought appearance that affects my lips Once I use some kind of lipsticks or maybe it’s because I am using my new injections  treatment to control psoriasis , I don't really know what wrong with my lips .

Absolutely amazing miracle lipstick safe my day only applying it and the lines that shown clearly on my lips disappear, and getting smooth and healthy looking with its creamy moisture texture

 With and without flash

That’s how the dark rosey colour look on my lips, how it moisturized and smoothing the lip. The colour is amazing and fit my skin tone; I am looking forward to try another colour of this brand 
Have any one try this lipstick before, what you think? 

Wish you a great day /night.

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