Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nouba Blush on bubble Warm love

Nouba Blush on bubble 120

Nouba Blush on bubble 120 without flash / With flash
How it looks on my hand
I am in love those days with the warm tone blush, NoBA Blushon Bubble 120, Italy brands. 
What you think? Isn’t it so lovely? 

About the blush: 
This Blush is warm tone great for autumn and winter giving a warm velvet soft touch. Shade is magnificent, plum with light brown midtone with shimmery touch , easy to apply and easy to blend. Great for medium skin tone and long stay not to crumble easily.

About the packaging:
Soft touch packaging I love it like velvet but getting dusty easily with powder or the blush itself but thanks god that's won’t affect the blush quality :)

Great add to my blush collection, it’s great for creating natural look or dramatic look 
I love it. 

How you like it ? what about warm tone blush for this winter ?

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