Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cartice Toffee Fairy ,Rumble In The Jungle,Go, Charlie Brown! and more

080 Go, Charlie Brown! /460 John Lemon/ Catrice Limited Edition Revoltaire Powder Blush C01 Colour Bomb/Catrice lipstick Be Natural/Catrice Defining Blush -  Toffee Fairy/Rumble In The Jungle
I was yearning  to use this brand , caprice and today I am going to show you  what I have , Well the pigmentation and longest in this brand not that strong to deepened on , Maybe with good preparation base or eye shadow primer they will do better , But they are good for daily light makeup . Now let’s start showing you what I have ... and my opinion about it....

Catrice Defining Blush - Toffee Fairy: Natural brown-shimmer blush, neutral shade, great to define the facial features. This blush is giving a lovely glow finish. Love the texture it’s very soft, flexible and can accommodate well with brush.
I combined it with another pink or peach blush and its look good.
But it dissipates with time.

Like it...

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour- Rumble in the Jungle: Weak pigmented without eyeshadow primer, but lovely light daily semi-satin finish palette. For colourful day look s it’s a lovely change and break daily routine. It’s not that easy smoothie applied, to have the desired effect I need to rub it a bit more specially the golden shade...
The light green is really nice - very bright and shiny.                                                                        
I am not a big fan of golden, its spattering easily and hard to apply
The dark olives or Khaki is amazing, my the best shade and texture in this palette with perfect semi-satin finish.
Purple, lovely light matte great to have a light touch of purple in daily look.
Overall I love this palette 
Catrice lipstick Be Natural 010:   It’s a nice colour and texture but not for my skin tone or my lips, they need a great quality moisturized lipstick that could stay long and giving a healthy look. Its show my lips line badly and when I fix my lipstick and its stay longer, it’s seen that my lips have a layer of Vaseline that what I don’t like. 

I thought it’s a nice nude color, and I have been longing for these shades, but I hate that oil greasy finish. I tried to have a deep nude colour with a full cover which was so hard, so I finally decide to wear only one coat of this lipstick over my lip palm and that all. 

No I don't like it; it doesn't work for my lips...
Catrice Limited Edition Revoltaire Powder Blush C01 Colour Bomb: Lovely light shimmery texture, its gives a gorgeous glow to the face and perfect for summer times. Different layers of shades from light to dark shade which is a great way to control the colour range .I am using it for daily look. Lovely peachy pink shade on the cheek apple and the lighter shade to highlight my cheekbones.
 Affordable pretty colour with great price nothing to add more. 

Absolute Eye Colour Mono 080 Go, Charlie Brown! : Lovely matte brown, natural colour, well pigmented and it does not crumble to the completion of a beautiful ideal. Great for simple everyday look and for evening especially with nude colours comb adding sexy depth to the outer eye corner blending it well making eyes look so sensual, so beautiful!

I love this shade, Great add to my makeup  <3 b="">
Catrice Smokey Eyes Brush: nice brush, good for spread the colour and store easy.
Absolute Eye Colour Mono 460 John Lemon: Weak texture pale yellow, weak pigmentation, lose easily when apply it with brush but with great primer would give quite a bit of color. I would use it over another dark strong eye shadow to break the edge intense of color in Smokey looks; I may try to use it alone later with better eye shadow primer.
I don’t like it that much.

Have you tried Catrice Absolute Eye Collection? 
What you think? 

Have a great day all  

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