Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Make-Up Atelier Paris palette No. T02

Make-Up Atelier Paris palette No. T02 

What I have been looking for in eyeshadow palette. Professional brand I found in local makeup store. Versatile palettes range with amazing combines of colours. I didn’t want to rush and take it slow this time I only bought one palette trying not to waste money. I choose T02 palette I use it almost daily specially the last three dark shades.

T02 is a warm palette with excellent quality highly pigmented eyeshadows in 5 colours palette combinations highly pigmented and fade resistant. It’s a great palette for day and evening looks with Good spread ability.

The texture is lovely smooth , all what I was looking for in one palette Matte, twinkling tiny Sparkle that  delicate and  almost invisible  and  long lasting with intense shades that appear clearly without a eyeshadow primer , also the last dark shade is matte .

 Thats how its look with and without  flash ( the colour in real look different a little and amazing )

This palette contains amazing shades: from lift to right 

1. White - peach
2. Light - Peach
3. Brick shade
4. Aubergine - a chic color, the most brilliant.
5. Dusty brown Black

I am really so amazed with it and thinking about trying other palette and loose blush too
Have a great day girls !

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