Sunday, January 16, 2011

Smokey pink (today )

Its a special day in my work  we have a delegation  from USA  I wear a simple classic Long black skirt and printed jacket with pink flower and high Black heel without any jewelry only watch so i decided to make  Smokey pink   :

This time doing ever thing quickly i used Chanel liquid foundation and apply it on my eyes too prepare my eye brow as usual use Nivea Soft black eye-pencil ,blend it with my finger then the pink shadow on the crease and  black eyeshadow over the lid and blend it .Palladio inside the tears line an the mascara .

I used Palladio herbal Blush (Pink Forest ) 9E1 here

Cotton Candy om my lips here
Just a quick blog I only had a time to photo my eyes


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  2. @ Pammy Thanks sweetie
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