Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My lipsticks & lip Glosses (4)

As I am a big fan of using lipstick even without doing a full makeup , just a touch of lipstick and go work , that's me :) .well I am not used to wear a red lipstick at work only the pink ,purple,peach and natural orange shades , today I'll show you my 4th series of '' My lipsticks & lip Glosses (4)''.

- Rimmel Stare at me : Dark deep rose shade , I really love this colour its rich and give a satin touch with moisturizing my lip

- Rimmel Red Hot 168 : Bright hot red shade that shaped my lips will the texture is rich and creamy too ,My Fav red lipstick . some time i wear a a touch of this it and put a rich clear lipgloss over it which look so sexy with cat eyeliner

- CCUK Lipstick City Red 225 Creme: I loved the shade of this red lipstick it dark  look cool in my skin ,the smell of the old lipsticks and i really like that , creamy texture   UK makeup brand.

With flash
City Red 225 Creme ,Rimmel Red Hot 168 ,Rimmel Stare at me
In the natural light look so gorgeous 

Hope you like them 
Have a great day


  1. Wow lovely shades!! Like Rimmel Stare the best:)

  2. great colors.
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  3. @Rakhshanda yes this shade is amazing
    @Shabana Thanks for following I followed you too