Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Esteem tagged me to this Blog award , to mention seven things about me , that's really hard to do ,Talking about me its unusual :)
Share 7 things about yourself and tag 7 other bloggers
Lets see what i have to say about my self

- I loved sparkle and shiny things nail , lips , clothes and heels decorated with cute
I start my makeup passion since 5 years when i started working in cosmetic and dermatology clinic at that time my obsession started about shiny thing and makeup start destroy my budget and killing me LoL with spending hours playing with makeup and taking photo .

I love walking barefoot on the shore of the sea and  fresh air caress my face, Sea the most beautiful place for me , when i feel i need to be alone i would go there alone talking my coffee or even bottle of water .  I feel that its  represent me :) . I love it all the form at the quiet moments and  when the waves are raging of the sea.

- Drawing is my life my soul , cant imagine that i couldn't draw on day , feel its a gift from my god to keep me alive and strong facing my prob and complicated life , even a treatment to face my psoriasis .Portrait , still life and surrealist drawing style is my Favorite m favorite media is charcoal , graphite and oil pastel 

- I am a stubborn : You cant imagine How ! 

Even if my decision could affect my life on negative way 
- I was have a phobia from cooking and being in the kitchen but i come over it since two years ago when my Mum get sick and had operation and i had to be the chief on Ramadan after that i get mad about cooking  heheheheheh

- I always prepare my shopping list and note all products that i need before go shopping.

- I always prefer wearing simple classic short dress with heels in parties ( I <3 Heels )
the shiny classical heel , the Red heels and the leopard printed heels

I tagged lovely beauty bloggers  : 
- Minnie   The beautyholic
- Pammy   J'adore Rougit
- Nada   Arabian Eyes
- Violet Mind the twin

Have  A great day all


  1. Congratulations for the award, dear. And thank you for also giving me that award. :)

  2. @Rakhshanda @Pammy
    Thanks girls and you are welcome