Thursday, January 6, 2011

CR Care Romeis Beauty ( Nail polish )

Yesterday found , new brand that I have never hear about before CR Care Romeis Beauty  , Colour are bright .I found these cheap nail polish on local store , they coast me 0.5329 $   for each .

 That's how its look in my nails Bright  Light Orange  ( the colour rich and bright as shown in taken photos )  the brush isn't perfect but i can handle that not a big deal .

 Tiny Glitery Golden Nail polish  :I called it ,cause they don't have a Colour ( Shade No. )

After 2 coated , they are cheap but the colour really unique and new to add to my tiny nail collection
Have you ever heard about this brand before or use it ?

Have a great day all 


  1. I've never heard of this brand before. It looks so thick and rich! <3

    Hey, the shade of red looks amazing! :)

  2. I really like that bright red/orange nail polish! It looks really good on you, great blog!

  3. Nope haven't heard of the brand, but I defo prefer the reddish one, the gold one looks too thin :S

    Btw I gave you a blog award, check it out!


  4. @Esteeem Yes its thin but its great to try every nail polish :)
    Thanks for the blog Award

  5. I have not heard of this brand but I love the colors!

    (Thanks for entering :)

  6. @Shop N' Chomp You are welcome dear

  7. We have CR brand in New Zealand and I use them a lot! Their cremes are very pigmented and go on nicely in 2 coats!
    And a great price!

  8. @ Hannah , they are really great and the price its so great compare with some brand which has a low quality and expensive

  9. i came across this entry from a google search of the brand and i can say it's a really awesome brand! i got the glow in the dark one for US$ .25(18.00 Philippine Pesos) and with around 3 coats, the glow in the dark effect is really obvious :)

  10. I have color 42 which is a red and it is brilliant and smooth. I never favored red but i love this one!