Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My lipsticks & lip Glosses (2)

HI girls , this the 2nd post about my lips glosses and lipsticks that i love ,some of them  from unknown brands but gives a great light girly  colour that wearable daily and match my skin tone  .I would called them day collection , soft and natural colours .
(( Love Cotton Candy lipstick its gives a lip gloss look so light pure and cute  ))

From Left to right :
  • Soft'N Shine Lip Balm -Gosh -Sweet Heart (39).
  • Mac Hot Tahiti A09.
  •  NYX Girls Gloss RLG (30) Sorbet.
  • NYX Lip smacking Fun Colour MARS LSS 605
  • She (Lippy Lollipop)- (Cotton Candy L21)
  • Constance Carroll LTD Long stay lipstick (Nude 04)

With flash
 NYX Girls Gloss ,Lip Balm -Gosh , Hot Tahiti ,MARS,Cotton Candy ,Nude 04

Without Flash 

Pink and Nude shade that Moisturize and never cracked my lips only Mac Hot Tahiti don't know why But i loved the colour 

Have a great day all


  1. The cotton candy one looks so cute and I love it's tube!

  2. awesome post :)
    i love pinks too x


  3. you have lovely pink and nude colours...gr8!!!
    my recent post diy-homemade-scrub

  4. I love pinky nudes as well, all of them look gorgeous!
    New member here!
    Check out my blog too if you like :)