Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lush Collection (old stuff)

Angle Delight , Fairy tail Sugar Scrub , creamy Candy Cane Bubble Bars,Snow Fairy and Yummy Yummy Yummy Shower Gel.

Its old Stuff , that I planed to post about it many month ago but cause I couldn't remember where did I kept the photo , till I found it yesterday by chance .I already finished the Angle delight ,Fairy tail Sugar Scrub , creamy Candy Cane Bubble Bars.

Candy Cane Bubble Bar:
 I used it 2 times, cut it into 2 pieces using the knife, the smell is so soft sand silky like the Sweet factory and Bubble gum   they wrote that it contain Vanilla but I didn't smell any Vanilla scent its spread on the bath with thick foam. Not too strong like Snow Fairy that great to use in bath relax time or before bed time with pinky bubble enjoying my relax time after a hard day of work .it’s like a lovely smell on the skin and make it smoothie, I used Victoria Secret body spray (Vanilla) after finishing my bubbly pink time and enjoy the great smell.

Angle Delight Star Soap
Smell amazing used to wash face and body , the refresh smell  still on my skin even it dry.

 Fairy tail Sugar scrub : 
 Sweet pink sugar scrub that use after wetting my body and apply it in circular motion, love to use it on my buttocks, thighs, abdominal and The bottom of the foot but be-careful to let the water reach it directly cause that will make it harder like one piece when it dry and that will hurts the skin or full a part into tiny pieces.

Yummy Yummy Yummy& Snow Fairy  Shower Gel 

There incredibly popular shower gel are so a delicious fragrant strawberry and almond cream and Cotton candy to specially for the skin, I really love them cause they whipped up with natural ingredients and leaved the skin smell delicious and perfect and never irritate my skin .they are for hair also but i never use them for that purpose but I will do. 

Have a great Day Lovelies

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