Monday, December 13, 2010

Karaja Italian Brands (Unicake -Aquacolour Eyeshadow )

New makeup brand I have, KARAJA , its Italian brand , I love the products eye shadow , blush eyeliner , and the makeup brush but they run out :( , tried to search about it in every beauty shop in my country but some shop sell old collections or colour  that I have already .all I picked is two things face powder which I am fan of and the eye shadow of my fav shades.

KARAJA Unicake powder No.6: Great Face powder if you only choose the great shade that matches your skin. I always choose the powder lighter in one number of my skin shade to light and bright my face look 
This powder is featured by velvety smoothie and non-greasy texture that gives the face a touch of perfection and flawless. 
I use it after using my foundation to give a perfect touch and a brightness to my look , its great to wear day and night or some time i use it alone without preparing my face only use it with wet sponge and apply it all over my face and neck.

That’s how it looks on my arm but it’s not like the reality, in the real its look light smooth like velvet

The second products that i have are this lovely eye shadow trio palette.
Aquacolour (compact pastel eye shadow with sparkle) No 10

Pastel eye shadow with sparkle highlights. Also can be used dry for a semi-transparent light effect (for day look a quick apply of eye shadow great morning look )  and with  (with damp brush) to intensify the iridescent effect and for better long lasting coverage ( for night parties and wedding ) .

Thats how it look on my arm without water.

I love Karaja and would buy it again for sure if I found new collection and makeup brushes 

Have a great day