Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hand cream and New lipsticks

  • Asch cream 
  • Constance Carrol LTD -England Long stay lipstick Nude (04)
  • She -(lippy lollipop ) Cotton Candy (L21 )
  • CCUK lipstick City Red Creme (225)
  • Stay On  Water proof lip liner Shade (05) Cerise

  • Hand , face and body cream (ASCH) collagen with pomegranate moisturizing cream + Vitamin (A+E+C) and protein   the smell is amazing and the result for one apply moisturize and soften then skin but i didn't use it on my face only hand ,always on my bag (its made in Iran ).

 I was searching deadly to have a great Nude lip stick that would match my skin as a have a bronze  dark skin tone

So soft and glossy like solid lip gloss with little sparkles give a touch of pink to the lips
so girly , i really like that shade

Dark Red shade great on my skin and define my lips

With Flash 
City Red /Nude /Cotton Candy and stay on lip liners

Without Flash

I Think its all unknown brands for you even me when i saw them for the first time but i just like to try new brands with great shade

Have a great day all

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