Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rimmel nail polish(Riviera Red )

Without flash
With flash

Rimmel Riviera Red (323)

Red is my favourite all time colour .Its really hard to find red color gain admiration and does not affect on the color of my skin and makes it dark.

For bold colour I found  Rimmel ,This gorgeous shade of red colour caught my heart : )  ,bright and bold with amazing brush that Minimize the  possibility of making mistakes when you nail .

Look at the Brush girl it's really deserve to try .

Have a great day


  1. I do like rimmel polishes. I think this type of bright colour looks great on you!

  2. It looks so pretty on you!Love red nails!!!

  3. That is a great shade of red. I love Rimmel mascara its the only one I use, but I haven't tried their nail polish yet! It def looks worth trying! I have been using Revlon though and they have some pretty good polishes also :)

  4. Gorgeous! If only my nails would hurry up and grow I would use this shade. XOXO

  5. @Beauty Addict I agree with you Rimmel polishes are great

    @Blushingloves Thanks dear

    @Briana I love Rimmel mascara also and eyeliner(liquid ) ,I never use Revlon before But i will keep it on my list

    @Venus In Virgo Hope you do soon ,it would be so cute with short nail

    @Rakhshanda yes dear thanks

  6. very pretty! :) i really like Rimmel.