Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Palladio Brands

From Left to right :
  • Palladio herbal liplicious Ultra shiny lip gloss ( MAUVE )
  • Palladio herbal liplicious Ultra shiny lip gloss ( CLEAR  )
  • Palladio herbal lip TWIST ( Beige Forest  ) 
  • Palladio herbal white eyeliner ( My Favorite white eyeliner till this moment ) 
  • Palladio herbal Blush (Pink Forest ) 9E1
  • Palladio herbal Eyeshadow Pigment (Pink SAPPHIRE)

The Lip-glosses   Beige Forest , CLEAR and MAUVE

 How the Blush  look on my hand

 The eye shadow and white eyeliner ( that i always re-buy)

with flash :

I love it doing simple look with only one colour and false eyelashes you would look like the fairy tales girls alittle touch of pink pronze blush and a glossy lip.

Its a great  brands made of herbal and fit my skin and moisturize lip also great brands to try and fit the money  budget :P

Have a great weekend


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  2. ooooh! everything looks so pretty! lol I think I like the clear gloss the best. Im more of a 'nude' person with makeup :D