Tuesday, November 30, 2010

StarBucks Coffee

I had medical followup and blood test to do for complete my psoriasis treatment , My Dr. said that the new injection my stop the suffering of irritation and Health setbacks , she didn't specify and side effect yet but there is for sure .Woke up early morning suffering from a bad night already , but the weather were great ,stopped all bad feeling and expression sunny day with cool and sweet breezes ,caress the pain and promise of great start .

Every thing done smoothly the followup & the blood tests finished early , that unusual . I still have time to cheer my self up a little and went to the most lovely place that i love in the world (the beach ) , I went there ,the great thing is that i Found StarBucks Looking over to the sea .I sat in the out door seats had my cheese cake strawberry & Mocha latte enjoyed the quiet atmosphere ,the clean air and the sun shine peacefully.

Leave you with the pics i took 
Have a great day 

Do you wanna swap ?

Do you wanna swap ?
I am dieing to have the listed below makeup from NYX , I would be glad if i can find any one who could offer me some of them and I ' ll send in stead a Rimmel , Max-factor,Palladio and other brands

  • 10 Colour eyeshadow palette(Super Model )
  • 10 Colour eyeshadow palette (Esploc12 -Velvet Rope)
  • Caribbean collection palette 
  • I dream of Antiqua palette 
  • I dream of  St.Lucia palette
  • I dream of  St.Thomas palette
  • NYX loose pearl  (Mania- White- Rust-Orange zest -Yellow )
  • Trio Colour palette
  1. Reto 
  2. Candy 
  3. Romance 
  4. Team Spirit 
  5. Shangrila 
  6. Anti Diva 
  7. Opal /Platinum silver /luster 

  • NYX Single Pan eyeshadow
  1. Yellow(ES43)
  2. Yellow funk 
  3. Midnight 
  4. Kiwi 
  5. Highlighter
  6. Black 
  7. Dark brown 
  8. White 
  9. Mermaid green 
  10. Blondie 
  11. Atlantic 
  12. Apricot Moose 
  13. Africa 

Sweet Package from lovely Maestra

  I have to mention that I really love Parokeets blog and the post by lovely blogger Maestra
I send her a package cause I really appreciate her efforts and posts .I never  thought that she is gonna send me a package but she was so sweet to send this package to me , you know whats the most thing that  I am happy about?
:D the nail arts stamper with three plate
 Thanks again Maestra 
and have a great day

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chief Shaimaa

 Apple pie with Cinnabone


And cookies without recipe 

I did that yesterday , My sis wanna visit her Mum friend and she shy to went there without present 
there is no time to shopping and frankly she doesn't have a money
I made for her Mini Pizza  and apple pie  
Made extra apple pie for home too 
Enjoy the pics

Chief Shaimaa


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Elegant Brand

I bought this palette from local store 
the quality is OK
I only used two colour the white and the silver  for doing smoky look 
the other two colours the orange and blue don't give the effective colour that shown on the palette
buy it again ! I don't think so

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Giveaway pakage

Hi girls 
I finally receive my prize package from
Katrine @http://divabeautybox.blogspot.com/
I made this simple look 

Have a great day Girls

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

CLINIQUE all about eye

 I bought it yesterday, Hope it will work for me , i never try any products from Clinque but as i heard its great and allergy tested  so I decided to buy all about eye its cost me about 49.6806 $ , well i was only have 70 $ I was planning to have Day cream Night cream and many other things heheheheh I was surprised when the total reached 212 $ so as a good girl I just took one thing :D

I used it and to be honest I like the texture and it’s not too oily, smooth simple and without fragrance and that the most important thing. It’s diminishes the look of circles, shadows, puffs and lines .its velvety .lightweight, and observed quickly as I noted .its mentioned that its helps to extended the eye makeup but I didn’t experience that yet.
I am using it twice daily day and night and waiting for the result.
Have any one try it?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

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Elf Cosmetics Christmas Giveaway

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Arabic Look smokey Eye

I am a big fan of arabic makeup style of curse the wearable style and the most adorable , the smokey tailed eyeshadow with the liquid eyeliner in the inner eye corner to the perfect blended smoked tail .In my opinion its an Expression of tyrant femininity with nude lip (Pink nude ,purple nude or even red lipstick with glossy touch )  .Well in special occasion , the heavy smokey look is non-granular for daily style ,so it can be replaced by  Light and Smooth soft smokey look and use thinner eyeliner in the inner eye corner and under the eye . 

Heavy smokey look by me :D 
with nude purple lip ( Unknown lipstick brand  called golden lady ) 
Rimmel Liquid eyeliner
What you think ?

Have a great day all

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sweet as Blue Burry

That all what I  used:
Rimmel professional liquid eyeliner (Cant live without it )
Rimmel Magnify-Mascara
Rimmel Powder with mineral 
Palladio Blush Pink forest BL90
Palladio White eye pencil
Chanel Mat Lumiere
Lip gloss from Nina Ricci  No.24
BenNye Black eye shadow 
Organic wear Black eye pencil
Jenulence eyeshadowAnd -Silver Sakmon 
Jenulence eyeshadowEye  -Highlight  

Its first time to use Jenulence eyeshadow shimmer (powder), the colour look amazing and its a great experience with mineral eyeshadow the colour soft and clear smudge it with little black to create soft smokey look , If you are intersecting you could find it here 

Well i used the highlighter  on my check bone , nose and chain to identify facial features and By portraying it .

I wanna thanks  Kelly  from  Starimpulse   to give me a chance to try this great brand
Have you tried Jenulence eyeshadow before ?what you think about it ?
Have a great holiday and Happy Eid in advanced .
Enjoy the look <3

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wedding day look

Forced myself to go out

Before one day of the wedding party, I decided to go, only few hours after my duty finish to shop , it’s a disaster  to find a great and simple dress with great price , as I have a low budget and try to find good colour that match what I have of makeup collection so I won’t buy makeup .
And about my hair I did a ponytail .
I found this dress in a mall with cost about 28.399 $ and the tiny jacket cost 17.75 $

Marc Jacobs Handbag ( Love it all what i can say about it )

And now for the Makeup :

That What i used  To Have this Silver smokey look simply:

- Prestige cosmetic FCE 33 Smokey palette
- Palladio White eye pencil ( Under  the eyebrow to shape it better )
- Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil 
- Rimmel Mascara Magnif - Eye 

Face :

- MAT  Lumiere Long Lasting Fluid Makeup Foundation SPF 15 -Ginger
- Rimmel (RENEW &LIFT) Brightening powder with mineral Classic Beige (201)
- Bourjois Blush (Forest pink )
Lip : 

- Makyajy Lipstick No. 52-159 (01) 

I didn't take a photo for my nail polish

My accessories 
Two rings

The earring

Leather Belt

Finally ta Da My heel( Nine West)


 Hope you like the style girls 
And have a great day