Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sweet Package from lovely Maestra

  I have to mention that I really love Parokeets blog and the post by lovely blogger Maestra
I send her a package cause I really appreciate her efforts and posts .I never  thought that she is gonna send me a package but she was so sweet to send this package to me , you know whats the most thing that  I am happy about?
:D the nail arts stamper with three plate
 Thanks again Maestra 
and have a great day


  1. Aww!!Thats so sweet of her and you!!
    Lovely goodies!!Enjoy them hun!!

  2. Great package! I have the Essence stampy kit and like to use an old credit card instead of their scraper.

  3. @ KarenD
    Ho Karen yes the metal scraper destroy the plate and doesn't give a great print
    I use my old university Id Card