Wednesday, November 24, 2010

CLINIQUE all about eye

 I bought it yesterday, Hope it will work for me , i never try any products from Clinque but as i heard its great and allergy tested  so I decided to buy all about eye its cost me about 49.6806 $ , well i was only have 70 $ I was planning to have Day cream Night cream and many other things heheheheh I was surprised when the total reached 212 $ so as a good girl I just took one thing :D

I used it and to be honest I like the texture and it’s not too oily, smooth simple and without fragrance and that the most important thing. It’s diminishes the look of circles, shadows, puffs and lines .its velvety .lightweight, and observed quickly as I noted .its mentioned that its helps to extended the eye makeup but I didn’t experience that yet.
I am using it twice daily day and night and waiting for the result.
Have any one try it?


  1. I can't wait till you have a review ready:)

  2. Nice blog. I love the first cream, it makes wonders for me!!!
    Here is my blog if you want to stop by!!! I am also having a prizegiveaway!!

  3. Hi all @bettzy93 @Cosmetics Aficionado @L.M.
    Hope it will work , cant wait to get the result
    Thanks L.M. I will do

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  5. I used that eye cream last year. It worked really well for me and I finished the whole container. I switched to a different one this year though.

  6. @ oh ,Wunder : Thanks dear
    I visited your blog and followed you too

    @Jadore : Thats great to hear