Tuesday, November 30, 2010

StarBucks Coffee

I had medical followup and blood test to do for complete my psoriasis treatment , My Dr. said that the new injection my stop the suffering of irritation and Health setbacks , she didn't specify and side effect yet but there is for sure .Woke up early morning suffering from a bad night already , but the weather were great ,stopped all bad feeling and expression sunny day with cool and sweet breezes ,caress the pain and promise of great start .

Every thing done smoothly the followup & the blood tests finished early , that unusual . I still have time to cheer my self up a little and went to the most lovely place that i love in the world (the beach ) , I went there ,the great thing is that i Found StarBucks Looking over to the sea .I sat in the out door seats had my cheese cake strawberry & Mocha latte enjoyed the quiet atmosphere ,the clean air and the sun shine peacefully.

Leave you with the pics i took 
Have a great day 


  1. I hope you feel better soon! I hate blood tests. =( At least you got to enjoy some good cheesecake and coffee. =)