Thursday, November 4, 2010

CINNZEO Day ( Not Feeling Well )

I just not feeling well ( emotionally ) I think , so as its destroy me and acting upon my psoriasis And cause me to relapse and irritation of psoriasis , I decide to go out alone thinking alone
Escape from rush and people around me 
I think i just need to
Be alone , Need to have my special space 
Special place May be it the matter of time as always 
May be cause i am getting older 
I don't really know whats the reason
its my life routine working and working and only have a few hours to be on line .Met a friend in digital worlds  and i am thankful for that :))
I think i need change in my life 
Some one , special and care 
care about me and let me stop thinking and take care about others 
May be its a matter of hormones Change 
I really cant figure about what happening to me and why this mixed felling and lost 



  1. I hope everything will be fine for you soon!

  2. :(

    I hope you start feeling better soon.

  3. I hope you'll feel better soon!

  4. I hope every things turns out better soon <3 P.S Your post made me hungry!

  5. I love to be alone from time to time. Alone with my thoughts ...

    I really hope you are already feeling better!!!

    p.s. I sent you an email. ;)

  6. Alone time is good , feel better :)
    I shipped out your package on Friday so be on the look out for it and let me know when you get it so I know you got it safely. Enjoy your night XOXO

  7. i jus love this yummy place, especially the smell that makes you hungry your post girl :)
    ..please check and follow my blog aswell,

  8. @Uma Preve @Cosmetics Aficionado @Biba @DICTASHION. @Maestra @Venus In Virgo @ShyCheeeks
    Thanks girls for you great support i really appreciate it
    Fight ( to be happy and feel better )
    To be me again

  9. It's so nice to have time to yourself...I always wish I had more! By the way, this place reminds me a lot of Cinnabon which they have in the States. So yummy! :)
    I hope you are feeling much better.

  10. Yes dear Liz , I am getting better , love the smell of Cinnabon and coffee

    Thanks sweety