Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wedding day look

Forced myself to go out

Before one day of the wedding party, I decided to go, only few hours after my duty finish to shop , it’s a disaster  to find a great and simple dress with great price , as I have a low budget and try to find good colour that match what I have of makeup collection so I won’t buy makeup .
And about my hair I did a ponytail .
I found this dress in a mall with cost about 28.399 $ and the tiny jacket cost 17.75 $

Marc Jacobs Handbag ( Love it all what i can say about it )

And now for the Makeup :

That What i used  To Have this Silver smokey look simply:

- Prestige cosmetic FCE 33 Smokey palette
- Palladio White eye pencil ( Under  the eyebrow to shape it better )
- Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil 
- Rimmel Mascara Magnif - Eye 

Face :

- MAT  Lumiere Long Lasting Fluid Makeup Foundation SPF 15 -Ginger
- Rimmel (RENEW &LIFT) Brightening powder with mineral Classic Beige (201)
- Bourjois Blush (Forest pink )
Lip : 

- Makyajy Lipstick No. 52-159 (01) 

I didn't take a photo for my nail polish

My accessories 
Two rings

The earring

Leather Belt

Finally ta Da My heel( Nine West)


 Hope you like the style girls 
And have a great day


  1. i hope you put a picture of the whole look! i love the dress, such a great price for a staple, and definitely works well to let the makeup stand out. heels are tres chic!


  2. please post a picture of your whole look :)

    xoxo Christine


  3. @Eggy @Christine thanks for your comment and visiting

  4. would love to see the finished look. I loved the eyes.