Saturday, December 29, 2012

My New Blushes Yay! Florelle and Arcancil

Florelle Blush ( Valcon 05
Florelle Blush ( Valcon 05) : Ultra-pearly soft powder its ( pink peach pearly finish ) lightness on the skin .The colour can be blended as desired  natural soft apply it dry or  For  dramatic look use it with wet brush giving you more  coverage ,long lasting  and intense colour.Small save the storage space .
 Available in 7 shades.
 How it look in my arm with dry brush perfect <3 p="p">
great deal price and quality 


 Arcancil Blush (EPICE)
Arcancil Blush (EPICE) : Bronze peach soft and natural , soft velvet texture with Matte finish  giving a great result comparing to it price . Great for daily look .
Never think about using the brush ... 

Check here how it look on my arm with flash

 Have you ever tried  these blushes ?
Wish you a great day !

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