Friday, March 1, 2013

Viseart Eyeshadow 27or and matte Ivoire with brush

This brand have great texture with hyper pigmented, soft and silky allow Applying evenly, blends easily and perfect finish giving the wanted result Whether it's in a matte or shimmery eyeshdow . It’s just satisfying my taste so far.

Viseart  27 or Pearl shadow: Its iridescent Shimmer,  hyper- pigmented, golden pearl eyeshadow. Just so perfect for a pearl made immediate metal look or blurred and slightly iridescent.Provides perfect fit applying it over other dark tone eyeshadow gives a dramatic finish look. its shown clearly on my skin without a primer or foundation  ​​

OP 04 Ivore Matte eyeshadow : These features provide spectacular intense colour and smooth finish, silky and matte and great application control. It’s not that white ghost shade make it easy to comb with wide range of eye shadow colours.

That's how its look on my hand , clear powder eyeshadow, soft and silky without eye show primer
I really like it...

VISEART LIP LINER BRUSH (sable) 911:  it’s a lip liner brush as they describe it but I am using it applying the eye show on the eyelash root, creating sharp edges in the outer or inner corner, adding highlight on inner eye corner and shaping and filling my eyebrow. The hair is soft and not hurting the skin and it’s a multi uses brush .... I love it ...


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