Friday, March 8, 2013

Diifi Nail Polishes

My new nail polishes, I am bringing a new brand  Diffi nail polishes that I bought from Instagram .it’s made in  Thailand brand great price with great quality and wide range of colours and shade that  gorgeous on warm skin . It glowing my skin … a great collection for summer and spring.
I got crazy when I show the light collection that’s comes with neon orange, peach, pink and yellow (from left to right)... (I used a base of white nail polish the apply a coat of yellow neon) its look crazy intense and strong)

The other shade look amazing alone with two or three coat, they don’t need a base before applying them like pink, in real its look prettier than photo …

What you think about it ?
This collection is ready to wear daily , love the last one .

This collection is so cool Blue , purple and mint green its remained me of China Glaze for Audrey that I finished already and can’t find it any where ...

That’s what I love to share with you today ... Hope you like it!


  1. hello, i added you on GFC , i ma 379
    we could follow each other if you like!
    and i like this neon shade , they are amazing , and cant wait to see all swatches on your nails

    1. Glad you did , i already followed you back , I start crazy passion for nail polish heheheh and cant stop it yet ...