Monday, October 8, 2012

FaceBook Mac Palette swatch

Blue Calm/ Idol Eyes / Vellum / Carbon

Now I am ready for Facbook Mac palette heheheh, Love the shades and the Shimmery texture. To be honest the most excited shade is the black to me .I was searching for a good quality black eye shadow that I could use in daily Smokey look.  I will try it hope it work.

close look , Black is matte and the other three shadows are shimmery

The black shadow called Carbon is a matte black , not that deep or rich as Ben Nay charcoal (black ) but it’s good for daily Smokey look black eye pencil as a base and it will gives intense black colour  

Idol Eyes it’s hard to describe but let me try: Intense light purple gold silver shimmer eye shadow the texture is not soft and when I apply it using a brush is falling down that why I always used loose powder to cover my foundation under my eyes when applying my eye makeup. It’s give a lovely sheer touch but not for daily use.

Blue Calm: lovely intense bright blue shimmer, great for my eye shadow collection to add .Easily glides on the eyelid creating sexy blue ocean shade.
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Vellum : I was surprised when I try it on my hand , I thought from the first look that it would be a clear white but on my hand it look a mix of pale white  purple and pink shimmer

What you think about the Vellum girls? 

Have a great day