Friday, December 2, 2011

Earring craziness and Accessories

My old passion for earring , I will post a part of my new stash hope you like it. Its include Metal , traditional , pearl and modern material .



simple golden  round earring

I <3 this tiny heart-shape earrings

This earring is so cute key and lock shape

I loved this Indian earring  its really so charming with traditional dress

I always wearing these earring with black simple dress and leather boots

Mixed fabric with plastic in creative way <3


Lovely folder floral ring

Velvety black bracelet with blue beads and metal coins

This necklace with ancient form is very beautiful with a lovely sound that made by a hearts hanging from it 

and finally Finally, this plastic bracelets shellac colour  studded with fine  Swarovski
Hope you liked my stash  on this post 

Have a great day  


  1. I love earrings! But I resist buying crazy ones bc I would never actually wear them -_-

  2. @conniewxx as long as i loved the earring i bought i always wear them , i love the creative hand made and traditional