Saturday, June 11, 2011

Green Lemon look

Today i thought about green and lemon   , Simple light wearable  look day or even night
 with simple Strawberry lipstick from Nivea   I'm ready to get out and enjoy my day :

What i used :

  • Max factor 101
  • Max factor mascara 
  • Earthling Prestige Palette (highlighter only )
  • Golden lady 12 eyeshadow palette No (The 2nd  green  from the first line and  the lemon green from the 2nd line  )
  • Nivea Lipstick  Strawberry 
  • Avon Suntan
  • Palladio Blush Pink forest BL90

- First Prepared my face ( clean moisturized face then applying foundation with sponge ) and applied foundation over the eyelids too.
-  Applied highlighter from Earthling Prestige Palette over the eyelids and under  the eyebrow
- I used the first eyeshadow of  Glittersniffer  (That they didnt mentioned the name of it) on the crease and blend it towards the inner corner of the eyes  .  I did This look before knowing all info about Glittersniffer eyeshadow .
- Applied light green on the lower Lash line and blend it with light touch to the outside  ( V) using the angle
brush then the light lemon on the inner corner of the eyes
- Applied Maraca
- Blush and bronze
- Prepared my lip using concealer around the mouth then applied powder  a touch of foundation on lip and apply the lipstick using brush .

Hope you like this look and hope you are not lost with steps and i make it clear 

Have a great day  


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    2. Thats so cute! And I love the lippie color. =)


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    3. Do you have a new cam? Finally I can see how bold and brilliant your eye make ups are! It otally looks like an Arabic eye make up. Well done!

    4. Thanks all
      @ Mylanqolia its my Blackberry bold camera 5 Meg pixel and i really love the quality , well iam so happy to know that you like it ..... there is more coming ;)