Sunday, August 2, 2015

L. A Girl Matte Flat Pigment Gloss - Secret

Secret- It had  been like waiting for ever to find this perfect shade of red matte lipstick that have been launch from the last collection of L. A Girl Matte Flat Pigment Gloss, 16 bold shades   with intense rich colours, and stay long lasting. 

This liquid matte lipstick affordable and gives a great flat matte finish with velvety touch . I don't find any trouble in application as I try it many time and the first time I applied it without preparing my lips so the lines shown crazy on my lips and get sticky a little but I don't mind it at all the shape is perfect from distance and near  ... at the second time when I applied it after moisturize my lips and wait it to dry and absorb the lip palm it’s getting better.... 

it’s better to lip contour before use it get the perfect lipstick look and to define and help you to not face a trouble on applying it cause when it dry you will face some trouble when remove it  any way if you face this  you always can use  your  foundation to cover and correct your lip shape . 

Let’s say what I like about this lipsticks are

  • Lasts all day with little to no touch up
  • Amazing Colour Range
  • Inexpensive affordable 
  • No flaky and super cracked lips  
For sure I will try the other shades and add it to my lipstick collection
Great affordable brand ….

Your comments are so welcomed …. 

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