Monday, June 8, 2015

I am Back Again

It has been long time since I post something about my passion beauty or even art (drawing and painting), I let my life mixture of tasks, responsibilities and duties took me away so far from being me, from enjoy spending a little hours of my time, taking care of my health and improving my lifestyle or even doing something I like.

Hoping from today, I am going to start again cause honestly all what I am feeling right now that..... I am not me no more....  lost motivation....   and lost the only ways to release all my pressure ...feeding my passion of beauty and art .

I am going to post about my healthy habits, lifestyle to be motivated to carry on the routine (yoga, workout and healthy eating) hope so. Well  I will need to stick on a schedule and plan my day tasks , I don’t have a stable routine,  my schedule change daily and I need to set a flexible plan and need to find a time for me ...

But I will keep posting.



  1. Welcome back from a fellow blogger who was on hiatus for a long time too. All will be well, dear. :)

    1. Thanks dear , I really appreciated your comment .