Monday, November 19, 2012

Nouba Mellebaci Lipstick 18 & Black Eye pencil 11

Nouba Mellebaci Lipstick No.18: Gorgeous liquid lipstick it has a unique texture thin silken coat   when applied the intense rich colour shows clearly brilliant and glamorous. The best of all features that it doesn't smudge and last for many hours I usually applied it with two coats, not sticky at all. 

Nouba Eye Pencil 11 with Applicator : Intense Black and Creamy . I applied usually without eyeshadow only blend it by the applicator or my finger to soften it out and increase the black in the eyelash roots . Intensify the shading to achieve a more emphasized makeup effect for the evening or important occasions . The Nouba Eye Pencils sharpen easily for a soft, smooth and easy for applying even for beginner .

Have a great day lovelies


  1. hhhmm.. i didn't like the color. the lips looks dry on this shade :(

    1. its give a silk coat look Not dry as the mat lipstick , its work for me more than Makeup For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Mat