Monday, September 19, 2011

Lip Tar Stalker (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics )

 My favorite shades now is Stalker Which Combines the longevity of a lipstick with the ease of a lip gloss  . Slick, moist ,with a satin finish and  Ultra-saturated color. I didn't use the other shades but this shade is just perfect for me . I believe i will love the collection ,I dream about having it but I cant find it in Kuwait . The colour is so Clear,bright and easy to apply using lip brush to get the perfect shape.

 Well you could use it with loose powder eyeshadow, just add a little bit of it to a few drops  and be creative and  the result  will be amazing  but i love it clear .
 Thats how its look with flash , Isn't it so lovely !
Have a great day


  1. great post I always hear good things about these but havent tried any i might order some soon

    hope you'll follow back

  2. I love the color, i need to try some out for myself soon!

  3. i love OCC, i have one liptar its Anime :)

  4. Omg what a pretty color, perfect for hoilday , i love ur blog and i hope u can follow me back please

  5. Beautiful Blog

    -Mia xo

  6. this color is super gorgeous. loving your posts. and im a new follower of yours.

    follow back if interested.