Saturday, May 28, 2011

My prize from Hypnotic

I was waiting my prize from @ Hypnotic  since December 2010 to have Glittersniffer Eyeshadow I won "Rocker Chic" Stackable That worth  $32! but i think its lost during the shipping to my country so they were so kind to offer a new prize and i finally received it on may 25,2011

Look what i have

Thats how its look on my hand and i will show you how they would look on my new looks


  1. Don't want to start drama, but are you aware of GlitterSniffer products not actually being safe for the eyes? There's a whole lot of drama about it/recalls/investigations from the FDA etc... I don't know the whole thing but it seems hygiene and safety, as well as timely shipping were not on the owner's priority list. I encourage you to read this if needed
    Please don't shoot the messenger, just showing a bit of concern and thinking you might want to be aware of this...

  2. I'm not sure if you are aware of the mess GlitterSniffer has become or not. I apologize if you are already aware of their recall, ongoing FDA investigation, at least 8 complaints with the attorney general, charity fraud, not refunding customers, and physical injuries due to use of GlitterSniffer products. Or that they did not destroy their recalled products instead sold them and gave them away to people which is against FDA regulations.I am including a link to a place where you can read about all of this in case you were not aware

  3. Congratulations! That eyeshadow looks like it would taste good >.<

  4. Thanks MartianDelights and Mariah for the imformation , i never know that
    thanks again

  5. wow didnt know there were this much drama with this company, but congrats on winning~~~the glitters do look nice

    Btw im holding a giveaway that include prizes from UD, Too Faced Lush, if you are feeling lucky come and sign up


  6. Congrats lucky girl:) Im your new follower,
    join in my sigma blending E25 brush giveaways if interested:) goodluck!