Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My lipsticks & lip Glosses (5)

From left to right :
  • Christian Dior Bordeaux Vibrant -Rich Garnet (960): My favourite Red colour for now , Rich and moisturize my lips too , never get  cracked  , the colour stay for long hours .I use it without lip pencil some times only use a lip brush and spread the colour to have a first coat the apply the  some lip gloss.
  • Mark Juice gems  with fruit extracts .
  • Soap &Glory-Sexy Mother Pucker Nude.
  • Nina Ricci 24Protective lip gloss SPF 10 Si Ricci .
  • Lip Gloss H&M  Passion Red .

Today I am gonna Show you the most adorable and dearest lipsticks and lip glosses  that i really love ,

Let's talk about the most exciting thing that I found (Soap &Glory-Sexy Mother Pucker Nude)   formula that plumping lips and powerfully :) My lips already fine but i just love to add a sexy touch
They mentioned that explode in value up to 10x  when they come in contact with water , so i tried too
I feel a touch of  soft pangs on my lips  and they volume a little . 

, Nina Ricci 24,Christian Dior Bordeaux Vibrant -Rich Garnet (960)


  1. Woww such a great collection!!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sexy Motherpucker nude! The shade looks so good and effortless!