Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Natural Collection Eyeshadow

Look how the colours are  soft and great for busy girl :D 
well later I will make a daily simple makeup.

Milk Chocolate Eyeshadow

Asteroid Eyeshadow

Aqua Shimmer Eyeshadow
That' s how it looks on my hand

It was an offer to get eye shadow for 1.7768 $ before it cost as i remember about 7.1073 $ ,I impressed by the quality  when I  first try it in Boots and well the cost its great compared with some expensive brands with less quality . is such a great brand for daily makeup .
And its a sweet addition to my makeup collection.
Have you ever try this brand before ? What you think of it ? 

Have a great day beauty lover


  1. Hey gorgeous shades...Thanks for following me honey...I'm following back.

  2. Hi Rakhshanda
    Thanks for following back :)

  3. Those are all gorgeous! Have a great weekend XOXO

  4. @ Venus In Virgo You too dear gave a great weekend <3