Thursday, October 8, 2009

My shopping day

Today before going to work I start my day with shopping.

Early morning : I went to the supermarket early morning at 7:00AM   the air was so fresh and clean I checked my shopping list (found it easy to shop early morning, I had time so why not to do it early morning) and bought skin care products

  • Vaseline Cocoa Butter body lotion is just amazing and the smell so  delicious -Nivea moisturizing cream(always in my handbag)- Nivea hair mask

  •  Nivea Day cream pure energy -Clean &Clear(Blackhead clearing)-Nivea Face scrub- Nivea akeup cleaning swipe

Afternoon:  I completed my day I bought this nice  light T shart  with some accessories

    • And Arabic traditional kohl called (Athmad ) treat the eye also strengthens and improves the  vision


    1. I used this stuff (Arabic traditional kohl) when I was in Africa. Are you in the US? If so, any idea where I may be able to get some? Nice post.

    2. Thanks dear ,
      na iam sorry iam not in usa
      and thanks for passing by