Monday, September 28, 2009

Golden makeup look

Hum find my sketch book and i start thinking to make a make up tutorial

The steps:

1- Prepair your skin and face with concealers to cover the black halos around the eye , foundation and eye base and wait five min to let the skin absorb it

2- Fill the brows with brown tattoos or brown eye shadow

3- Put lighting under the brow and concentrate uponو by hard black kohl or any gel liner (the best of Bobby Brown) draw around the eye but the leftit open at the tearful eye like what i did in the Pic with practice it becomes easier

4- Distribute the dark brown eye shadow on the moving lids ,with rinsed brush incorporate under the eye to the outside with light strikes .

5- On the upper eyelid distribute the gold-colored velvet and Blend it with brush or sponge , combine brown with golden like i did in below.

6-And draw the eye using liquid eyeliner and put White eye pencil inside the eye and at the tearful eye as it is in the pic

7- Putting the final touches and make sure lights under the brow is perfect and arranged , and cleaning under your eye , light powder on the cheek bone and put eyelashes and use mascara and that the final Look

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